Green Coffee for Weight Loss

Some people are lucky enough to be born with the uncanny ability to eat as much as they want and not gain any weight. Their metabolism is so quick that food just seems to pass through their digestive track in snap. Unfortunately that isn’t the case for a lot of people. Luckily, there’s green coffee for weight loss.

When a person consumes fatty foods and sweets his body converts these foods into energy called carbohydrates. Over the course of his daily activities he uses up the carbohydrates little by little to keep his body functioning properly. If he does not exercise or do anything to use up all the energy from the foods that he has eaten the unused excess carbohydrates gets converted into fats. These excess fats are stored in the body and become the cause of weight gain.

For most people, food tends to stay in their body as fats when they eat too much. As the body becomes heavier, it becomes harder for people to move and exercise, which makes losing weight so much harder. This prompted people to find alternative means to lose weight. One of these alternatives is taking in green coffee for weight loss.

The weight loss and diet industry is becoming one of the biggest and fastest growing industries today. As many people are gaining excess fats and becoming obese the more demand there is for weight loss supplements and diet pills. Many of these diet pills promises unlikely and often unhealthy results like losing 10lbs after drinking only one pill. This isn’t the case for green coffee.

Green coffee isn’t some unusual, genetically engineered type of coffee. If you go to a coffee farm you will see that fresh coffee beans are actually green. Coffee only turns brown when it is roasted. So technically, green coffee for weight loss is just coffee that isn’t roasted. It is the same thing that makes up that morning pick me up that you drink every day. It is actually just the raw, uncooked version of your morning brew.

What’s so special about green coffee is that it contains a component called Chlorogenic acid. Coffee is stripped off of all Chlorogenic acids once it is roasted. That is why your regular morning brew won’t have the same weight loss effects as green coffee.

According to some studies both the caffeine and Chlorogenic acid component of green coffee are responsible for weight loss. Caffeine has been proven to boost metabolism by up to 3-11%, and the higher your metabolic rate is the easier it is for you to lose weight. Caffeine is also a known stimulant which boosts alertness and energy. The caffeine component of green coffee gives you energy to do longer weight lifting routines, run for longer periods of time and do more physical activities that can help you lose weight.

The Chlorogenic acid component on the other hand reduces the absorption of carbohydrates in the body. In some studies conducted on animals, particularly mice and rats, there has been significant reduction on body weight when green coffee extract is introduced to their diets. This is due to Chlorogenic acid’s ability to reduce the fat absorbed from food, reduce fats that are stored in the liver and improve the fat burning function of the hormone adiponectin. Other effects of Chlorogenic acid based on some studies also include improvement of cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels in rats.

The effects of taking green coffee for weight loss every day varies from one person to another. For some, consuming at least 200mg of green coffee every day for 12 weeks has helped them lose up to 2-4kg without any modification to their diets.

For those who also added exercise and went on a diet while taking green coffee daily, the results are much more favorable. Though there is much study needed in order to assess the effectiveness of green coffee as a weight loss supplement, early research results show that taking in green coffee beans 2 times a day for 8-12 weeks can help you lose weight.

Other effects of green coffee include a reduction in glucose absorption which can help diabetic people manage their sugar intake. In a separate study, green coffee was also found to be able to lower the blood pressure in both animals and humans. This can have a significant effect on the reduction of the risk of a heart attack and development of other heart problems. Chlorogenic acid also functions as an antioxidant which can help fight off free radicals and keep the cells in the body healthy.

Green coffee is great and all that, but if you are sensitive to it then you should consult first with medical practitioner if it is safe for you to consume this kind of supplement at all.

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